Engineer's House

The reception, dining room for 30 people and a suite with bedroom, living room and bathroom. This suite is the piece mm. a small fridge, television and wifi.

The house built in the 1890s residential building.

The Dam House

Accommodation is in 3 pieces 2HH, 1 st 2 PERS + wc / shower, 2 pcs 4hh and kitchen for customer use. The kitchen for example. dishwasher, toaster, kettle and coffee maker, stove and refrigerator. The rooms have their own TV. Toilet facilities shared with the lower and upper floor.

Pato house was built in the 1800's the ironworks workers' housing.

The Patron's House

Accommodation rooms 3 x 2 pers + toilet / shower and a television and wifi. In the small library room also has a fridge for shared use and the area is also a kettle. There are conference facilities for 40 people including 2 pieces of flipchart, projector, projector canvas and a large flat screen computer monitor.

The Patron's house was built in the 1700s and served as mansion master residence, a school and trade.

Sauna and livingroom with fireplace

Sauna building is located on the shores of lake Hamarijärvi in Kirjakkala Ruukkikylä. There are two saunas with their own washing and changing rooms. The sauna has a capacity of 7 people. You can rent a warm hot-pool for 7 people. Living room with fireplace is for approx. 15 people. Outside there is a campfire site. The facilities are fireplace, radio, TV, refrigerator and stove.

Sauna was built in the 2000s.

Kjällman&Laakso apartments

Old log wall of the semi-detached house has two apartments. The apartment has two rooms, kitchen and washing facilities and facilities are wifi, TV, microwave, stove and refrigerator. The room has two beds. One extra bed possible in the apartment. The yard is landscaped gardens, apple trees and a campfire place where firewood is available in stock. You can rent a sauna on the Hamari lake 200 m away. The house is situated in privacy on a small hill.

Log house was built in the late 1800s and has served as the ironworks workers' residence.