Snow man on snow shoes:

Under the guidance of a guide snowshoes Hamari Lake wintry terrain. Great to do in the countryside. Price: 25 Eur / person, minimum 6 and maximum 18 persons. Duration: approx. 1.5 hours


Downhill and cross-country skiing:

Meri-Teijon Ski&Action is 10 minutes away. There is 11 slopes. Ski trails start from the Kirjakkalan Ruukkikylä’s yard.


Groom’s walking tour:

Groom’s walking tour is about two to four kilometers of your choice. Let’s get off the dam and watching the water flow into the creek. Along the way, shall be deemed to Stone Age settlements, which Jouni Tarvainen has found. Continuing the journey along the beach and go on top of Nikkallion to admire the great scenery over the lake Hamari. You stop to Onnelannummi to drink coffee and eat sandwiches / pastries. We talk of world affairs and we have a competition. Depending on the circumstances the opportunity to pick berries or mushroom picking. This will take about 1.5 hours. The price is 16 euros / person, the trip is a minimum charge of EUR 96.


Rent a canoe or a kayak:

Paddles, life jackets and other accessories include the price.

 2 h  1 day 1 week
CANOE  25 €  35 € 150 €
SINGLE KAYAK  35 €  40 € 150 €
DOUBLE KAYAK  45 €  50 € 175 €
SUP BOARD  35 €  40 € 150 €
Rinneautoilu Teijolla

Hill cars:

The hill car is carried out Teijo ski slope area, and it is responsible for Meri-Teijo Teijo Ski & amp; Action. For each run time is displayed on the scoreboard. The price includes the car, driving suit, goggles, Scores and helmet. Price 18 EUR / 4 turn and EUR 24/6 turns. Duration of the program 50-90 minutes.


Massage in Kirjakkalan Ruukkikylässä:

After the outdoor activities with trained masseur Rea to maintain your muscles for the next days
Rates 30 min 18 EUR 45 min EUR 27 60 min EUR 36 and EUR 54 for 90 min.

Motorboat in Teijo

Motor boat at sea:

We drive a motor boat from Kirjakkala to Teijo and see some great scenery and we practice fishing. We visit on Iso-Holma Island and enjoy a cup of coffee. The duration of the trip is about 2-3 hours, the price is 65 euros / person, minimum charge of 195 euros and a max. 3 adults.


Kirjakkala archery:

Guided shooting cavalcade, which we use
the arch – and the crossbow, Big Bore – blowpipes
as well as air-guns.
3 best joint result can be a reward.
Minimum 6 and maximum 30 persons.

Price: 30 Eur / person.

Canoeing meri-teijo ja salo

Hamarijärvi canoeing:

Introduction to paddling an experienced professional guide
under. Students learn to move safely entity – and
double kayak and Canoe.
Let’s make a canoe trip on Lake Hamari
the natural beauty of the landscape.
The guide can also be present along the way eskimo rolls
and other more challenging kayaking techniques.

Price: 60 Eur / persons, minimum pricing 300 euros.
Price includes: guide services, liability insurance, as well as canoe rentals
with accessories.
Duration of the program: 2-4 hours, depending on the customer’s wishes.

Hamarijärvi kayaking course:

Otherwise, as above, but paddling
focuses on in-depth and all paddle
single kayak.
After the course well prepared to take to himself
hobbies canoeing.
The course will also kayaking guide written by

Price: 80 Eur / persons, minimum pricing 300 euros.
Duration: 5 – 6 hours.


Photographers nature tour:

-Studied under the guidance of a guide
views through the lens of the camera and walk Hamari Lake terrain

– A guided nature tour with hiking alongside focuses
plants and animals

– Possibility see also bats.

Price: 360 Eur / group.