B&B Kirjakkalan Ruukkikylä Ironworks village in Salo town in Southern Finland

The history of Kirjakkala began in 1686 when the ironworks was build. It was the 11th ironworks in Finland. The old ironworks mansion and three large log buildings are located in a beautiful grove with tall oaks and lindens providing shade and the river that flows across the yard creates a soothing athmosphere.
You can almost smell the cigar of an old factory owner in the park.Today Kirjakkalan Ruukkikylä offers accommodation, course and conference facilities and pleasant function rooms in a historical old style. The ironworks is located in the Teijo National Park by the hiking trails and on the shore of lake Hamarijärvi. The sea is one kilometer away.

There are many great small sea bays in lake Hamarijärvi that are excellent for canoeing and kayaking. It is possible rent the sauna facilities and rent boats, kayaks and canoes. In the snow time it is possible skate and  ski.

Teijo and Mathildedal villages have grocery stores and restaurants 2.5 to 5 km away. Please remember, Helsinki is not far away, 1,5 hours driving via motorway and Salo is 15 km away.